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The site now looks better but crucially, our new site is far better optimised for search. That was our original goal in the site redesign and High IQ hit the mark. We've now got a nice, simple, easy-to-use content management system – where we can and do update webpages and news entries. Because it's easy to use and access, we actually use it every week and are able grow our site very simply


We spent most of the time dealing with Steve, the CEO – he is very clear, understandable and extremely responsive. Would I recommend High IQ ? Yes, of course we would recommend Redfin Technology to any other business. Great SEO results, exceptional graphic design, and easy to use website – done.


It's rare to find an individual with both a highly technical edge and a true creative ability to produce good user interfaces, this combined with a deep understanding of business practices made Clint and his team irreplaceable on the project. Thank you once again for all your efforts.


Before the boss got your programme my main job was uploading to the web sites, which took ages, particularly last thing of an afternoon when all the school kids were jumping online. The sales guys used to get on my case when their properties weren't uploaded, now it virtually does it on its own. I can even correct errors from home, saves me the trip in.

No more fumbling around for flyers. Being in a with four offices it was embarrassing when I couldn't find the information of a colleagues listing. With the instant flyer I can print out the facts with photos and my details, and talk with authority about the property by reading the info sheets, I reckon it has helped me make two sales already.

Last year our office wrote off over $50,000 worth of uncollected advertising fees; this year it has diminished to well under $4,000 and we shall recover these funds, since Real Estate Office now tracks every cent. For this reason alone, the changeover has been well worth the extra work that it caused our office in the short term.

I joined the team here just a few months back, worked in Coles before, job was ok but no future. The office has a list of things that rookies must do in the first few weeks, it comes up on the calendar. The other guy used it before me and he's doing really well. Every day I have a list of activities and it's working for me too.

At all the training we are told about top of mind awareness; reality is, it's a lot of work and I need to make sales. Real Estate Office gives me the tools. I've had people stop me to thank me for a recipe I sent out a couple of weeks ago on a just listed email, that's what they call building up your profile, I think?

I'm the type of agent that has kept my contacts in a pocket book, done it for years. Since I agreed with the team to move into the 21st century and taken Real Estate Office, I've done more business but had to put on a PA. It's worked out fine for me though; I play golf twice a week now

Just got back from a great long weekend in Airlie, spent most of the time on the water and an hour on Saturday afternoon in the internet café, closing a deal with an investor, a Pommie in Dubai, who came in off an E brochure – more than paid for the weekend!

I'd say that your software was instrumental in getting me top dollar for my business that I sold in the first quarter of this year. The new guy took over my desk and everything just kept rolling along

I'm a seller, not a speller! My vendors are very impressed with the letters I send out – they look the business and only take me 5 minutes to produce, using the templates.

As the Sales Manager of a multi–office operation, I can honestly say that it now takes 2 minutes to achieve what it used to take 2 days for me to do.

I couldn't believe it when a colleague told me about this programme, but it really is simple to use and does everything he told me it would.

I'm not particularly computer literate, but even I can understand it.

HighIQ has a great understanding of the business aspects of building IT systems, which means you can often deliver things you need, but didn't even ask for! It is very refreshing to deal with an IT person who you can interpret your business requirements into working and flexible systems. A recent example – the objective of our recent website redesign, was to just to change the colour scheme to reflect our new branding. However, Cherie delivered so much more, updating the whole style of the website that was starting to look a bit dated, even at 5 years old! -


As the principal, one of my main concerns these days is compliance (especially with the OFT dropping in unexpectedly). With the procedures that Real Estate Office has now put in place, I am confident that form such as the PAMDA 22as are being correctly filled in. The property just isn't uploaded to the website, or advertised, until the paperwork is completed.

I've only been in this sales admin job for a few weeks, I was thrown in at the deep end when my predecessor left, no proper handover either. The woman on the help desk got me started with entering up deposits and stuff – she has obviously run these types of accounts herself. The trust account is not complicated, nothing more that a coloured bank statement.

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