Has your company ever experienced any issues with their information technology systems? every business owner can say for sure that IT support is essential for any business.

High IQ Group is the best solution for support from servers to desktop s even remote services.

If you need Support from I.T. Professionals who can support both your Hard Ware as well as your software then you need us

Here are five of many reasons why You should use High IQ Group for your I.T. Solutions

1. We Understand
Our long standing association and involvement in the I.T. Industry has given us an intimate understanding of the operational rigours that businesses face in the competitive Internet World. This understanding often allows us to provide the right products, services and systems to enhance the operational efficiencies within any industry. The bottom line is that we are just as concerned about your business as you are.

2. We Care
We care enough at I.T. Today Local Homes to give our customers what they want, when they want it and how they want it. In that regard, we are not just an IT company that sells products and services. We exist to create IT Solutions that benefit our clients and to enhance their business growth. Perhaps that is why we offer a 24Hr Support Service(optional). If we are needed WE ARE THERE FOR YOU 24Hrs a day, 365 Days of the year, YES! That even includes public holidays.

3. We Are Business Partners
We are committed to long term relationships not short term gains. We realise that the long term survival, growth and profitability of our clients surpasses that of our own. Perhaps that is why we are sometimes out on site at 2am in the morning helping people with their problems. We don’t see responsiveness and support as a pain but a necessity for our clients.

4. We Are Consultative
We listen to what our clients have to say about what they want and need. We realise that we do not know everything about everything and at times we may be able to benefit from learning from what our clients have to teach us. We believe that the only way we can enjoy our work is when our clients feel heard, happy and valued.

5. We Are Progressive
We seldom take our successes for granted or our relationship with our clients for that matter. We are constantly on the look out for the latest IT development world wide, searching for the best approaches and systems and networking with IT experts for the latest solutions in the market. We understand the pace of change in the industry enough to keep pace with it or even get ahead for our’s and our clients’ benefit.

6. We Are Well Managed
We believe in creating an environment which supports our operating philosophy of giving our clients 100% satisfaction. The I.T. Today Local Homes staff are not only courteous and professional, they are also educated in the importance of meeting customers needs. As an organization, we are convinced that we should save money for our customers through sound advice, creating more efficient systems and working with our clients to grow their business. That is why our Staff are all IT qualified or are currently working towards an IT accreditation. Our senior technical staff and programmers have years of experience in Information Technology Design, Service and Implementation.

7. We Are Committed To Quality
The principle component in any network or computer system is reliability. We are so sure of our products and our expertise that we offer a THREE-YEAR WARRANTY on all hardware supplied. We can offer this because our Information Technology Systems are assembled from high quality components. I.T. Today Local Homes use only branded components, not clones that are likely to fail in the first year. Some of the world class brands that we use include: Intel, Quantum, Seagate, Western Digital, Creative, S3, Toshiba, ASUS, Kyocera, ACER, These brands are a little more expensive than the clones but there is no comparison in quality and reliability.

8. We Are An Integrated Solutions Provider
We are at the cutting edge of technology, we have our own ISP, which can supply RF, microwave, satellite and Broadband Internet systems. We also are have currently developing several software systems that will revolutionise the communication systems for internal and external office communications. Our Web developers are using only the latest technology and software therefore ensuring that our clients are receiving cutting edge technology. Our soon to be patented Web Based Data Engines allow us to provide unparalleled self changeable and administrable web sites.

9. We Are Networked
Our network of IT partners in Australia and internationally give I.T. Today Local Homes the privilege of tapping into a vast wealth of IT information and solutions within the industry.

10. We Are Long Term Focussed
Given its current position as an IT solutions provider that is globally linked, I.T. Today Local Homes Systems has set its sights on becoming a fully integrated global IT company specialising on state-of-the-art products and services in the not-too-distant future. We believe that our growth and advancement will bring greater benefits to our clients.