Graphic Design

High IQ Group always follows function, but it doesn't hurt to have the best of both worlds.
Our graphic designers treat every project as a portfolio piece and an opportunity to show case our outstanding work. Imagine the essence of your company being expressed with a balance of colour, shape, typography and layout, while delivering your company's message.

By focusing on brand sensitivity and usability we build professional websites and marketing collateral that compliment your company's image and reinforce your brand. High IQ Group strongly believes in brand reinforcement, which is why we offer our clients a full array of design services.

What good is a beautiful website if it doesn't match your company logo and branding, or the brochures, newsletters, advertising, catalogue or flyers you're distributing? Our graphic design services and design portfolio demonstrate and explain what we can do to service your branding and design.

Your logo is a representation of your company. It's the first thing potential customers may notice about your company. You need it to be memorable and stand out from your competition. A good logo gives you a professional look and when properly designed, your logo conveys that you are credible, trustworthy and professional.

What else does a logo do? A logo:

  • Visually identifies your company
  • Reinforces your brand image
  • Illustrates your company values

Featured Website Logo Projects
View some of our latest and greatest website design and development projects. Imagery can help to set a certain tone. Does your company logo design contain sharp angles or smooth curves? Is the icon something literal that clearly conveys your corporate focus or is it more figurative? What kind of emotional attachments are subconsciously communicated through your use of colour?

Your logo can be used for:

  • Website Design
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Identity
  • Sales Collateral

Leave Logo Design to the Professionals
Everyone has a relative or friend who likes to draw, but someone with an interest in drawing is not the same as a professional graphic designer.

Your neighbour's son will most likely lack the experience needed to understand the subtleties of a well-designed logo. A logo with little or no meaning is rarely effective. How do you explain to your customers that your logo has no meaning?

Corporate Branding - Defining your Corporate Identity
A consistent look reflects well on your company. Let our design team lay out your corporate identity and branding materials to give your image a polished feel.

Sure, anyone can lay out a business card, but our attention to detail is what sets our corporate identity pieces apart from the rest.

What are some common components of a Corporate Identity?

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Flyers
  • Labels

Who Doesn't Need Corporate Identity?
We can't think of a single business model that doesn't require a corporate identity.

Anybody who has customers or potential customers has a need for communications materials.

Defining your brand through your corporate identity materials is essential to your company image.

Corporate Identity Can Be Used For:

  • Relationship Management
  • Contacting Potential Clients
  • Providing Contact Information

Simple but Effective
It's amazing how memorable a good business card or mailer can be. We have had people contact us sometimes years after first introductions just because they held on to our business card until they had a need for our services.

With the amount of cards a business person can collect, it is important that your card is unique and identifiable, even in a stack of dozens.

A consistent brand image is important. Contact High IQ Group today to design your corporate identity.

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  • Programming Solutions
  • Website Design
  • Print Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Building Signage
  • Intenal Signage and Display
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